Open Housed 13.3 Ad Player - POP Video Display
  • Open Housed 13.3 Ad Player - POP Video Display

Part Number: DPL133OF

13.3-inch open frame advertising monitor using a high quality HD IPS LCD Panel. The DPL133OF is designed for integration into custom point-of-purchase (P.O.P) marketing displays and has optional built-in memory, removable SD card, flashing direct file activation buttons (up to QTY-4 buttons) and/or movement sensor.

This LCD ad player is built for custom integration into in-store point-of-purchase advertising displays. The unit can be run on AC power. Using an LED backlight this LCD ad screen will play videos with sound and JPEG image slideshows.

Created for custom marketing displays, this OEM product is a cost effective digital advertising monitor with built-in mounting tabs for easy integration. The high performance digital IPS LCD with LED backlights performs reliably in commercial retail environments.