Dynamic 18.5-inch Digital LCD Display with Motion Sensor and SD Flash Card media player. Excellent LCD/ LED Advertising Solution!

The all new, thinner designed Pro-Series DS2P185M LCD advertising display comes with all the features of the other models but has a large screen for maximum visability. This 18.5-inch LCD digital advertising monitor has an integrated media player and motion sensor that is primarily used for public digital signage networks and targeted digital advertising. The motion sensor can be turned off through the OSD and if the motion sensor is turned on and no consumer movement is detected, the LCD advertising player will simply go into standby mode to save power and lifetime of the unit. When motion is again detected the unit resumes play as normal. Daily ON/OFF timer function allows you to set your digital advertising player to turn on only during the peak hours of the day or night to increase your visability and advertising dollars.

On all Pro-Series models the Flash card is updateable through the USB port located on the outside of the unit and operated through the OSD. Keep your advertising files safe and yet have easy access to update them without timely disassembly or downtime to your digital network.