Open Frame OEM 7" LCD Adverting Monitor for Battery Powered Solution. Custom Retail Video Displays

The DPLB7OF is a 7-inch open frame battery powered LCD/ LED advertising screen with internal memory, expandable SD card, flashing interactive buttons (up to QTY-4), optional motion sensor and a low current chipset designed for use with batteries. This is for custom integration into in-store point-of-purchase (POP) advertising displays where there is no AC power plug. (Optional AC Powered AD player).

The unit has a very low power consumption giving a longer lasting battery, more activations and more marketing power. The advertising monitor will play videos with sound and JPEG image slideshows.

Created for custom semi-permanant marketing displays, this OEM product is a cost effective digital advertising monitor with an internal LCD media player that does not require a wall power outlet. Built-in mounting tabs on this open frame digital screen allows for easy integration to your retail display. The quality digital LCD with LED backlight will perform excellent in commercial retail environments.

7" Open Frame Battery