Battery Operated LCD

Battery Powered Advertising LCD displays for In-Store Marketing and In-Store Promotion.

Anything can be powered by batteries however, the battery power source is not limitless like simply connecting the display to a AC wall socket. In order to effectively use battery powered systems in retail locations, one needs to consider the design of the product and software along with the overall goal of the marketing campaign.

Many large retailers charge a premium to obtain power to the point-of-purchase and often this additional cost is simply to burdensome to meet the financial budgets. Our battery powered systems are designed for use in retail store locations where a power plug is not available. The hardware is typically designed for maximum efficiency while the software is designed to put the monitors into standby mode between playback.

This combination allows for efficient use of the batteries. Push button and motion sensor activation can help you get more views, more video playback, more clients and more sales.

Battery Operated LCD

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Open Frame OEM 7" LCD Adverting Monitor for Battery Powered Solution. Custom Retail Video Displays



Open Frame OEM 10" LCD Adverting Monitor for Battery Powered Solution. Custom Retail Video Monitors


Designer 7" AD player with up to 4 video playback buttons. Design your faceplate and have a custom LCD Advertising Display. Battery Powered or AC power available.