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LCD Digital Signage Player

The DS6VGA is an stand alone Compact Flash based digital advertising player. It allows the user to play content from an array of media cards on to any LCD Display. With a host of features and customizable software, it is an extremely cost-effective digital signage solution. The optional integrated scheduler allows you to program content delivery in order to get your message across when you need it most. If you need a network advertising player, please inquire about the NT6VGA.

Dimensions HxWxD: 18.4cm x 13.3cm x 3.0cm
Inputs: Compact Flash type I/II, SD, MMC, XD
Outputs: Composite Video NTSC/ PAL
S-Video/ VGA DSUB-15
Stereo Audio RCA
Brightness: The DS6VGA is a digital advertising player. There is no brightness level on this model. It plays many forms of media such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, JPG.
Industry:: Digital Signage and LCD Advertising
Other: Auto play on startup and auto shutdown timer for scheduled playback.

The DS6VGA advertising media player redefines the concept of point of sale advertising. It brings new technology where one may insert a Compact Flash, SD, MMC, XD and memory stick into the player and display advertising content directly on any LCD advertising monitor. Add video to your campaign and build the best advertisements!

LCD displays and storage devices have been adopted within a wide variety of applications such as desktop monitors, kiosks, point of sale displays (POS), digital advertising, CCTV and home entertainment. Due to the creation of larger LCD display panels, small format LCD panels and lower cost of production, LCD display technology is rapidly being applied to the electronic sign and digital information display market. LCD monitors are the perfect solution for digital information display applications due to their high brightness, high contrast ratio as well as a greater lifetimes.

Our flat panel display products include open frame lcd modules, high brightness displays, LCD displays for kiosk and POS applications as well as internet upgradable media players that allow remote updating for digital advertising.