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12" LCD Advertising Display

Start using the newly designed and thinner Pro-Series DS2P12M LCD advertising monitor in your retail location and start seeing the results. This 12-inch LCD advertising screen has an integrated advertising media player, protective tempered glass and a motion sensor that is designed for permanent in-store digital advertising. Daily ON/OFF timer function allows you to set your LCD advertising player to turn on only during the peak hours of the day or night to increase your visability and advertising dollars.

On all Pro-Series models the flash card is updateable through the USB port located on the outside of the unit and operated through the OSD. Keep your advertising files safe and yet have easy access to update them without timely disassembly or downtime.
Click here for technical data 12 Inch Digital Signage LCD Specifications

Now available in Multiple Colors
Color Pallet

Dimensions HxWxD: Confirm new model specifications.
Inputs: Integrated advertising media player that is updateable through the USB port. Also has VGA and a 3.5mm stereo jack (optional).
Outputs: This advertising LCD does not currently have any AV outputs.
Brightness: 300 NIT
Industry:: In-Store Retail Marketing, Narrowcasting, LCD Advertising, Factory Line Information Display, Waiting Room Instructions.
Other: Speakers, Metal Casing. Pro-Series LCD Displays are also available in 7-inch, 10.2-inch, 10.4-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch

The Pro-Series Advertising Monitors are advanced in programming, assembly and use only the best components and LCD displays. Easy and simple to use technology will allow you to get your digital advertising network up and running quickly and profitably. Whether you are in retail in-store advertising, a wholesale distributor or a global manufacturer, the digital network displays can increase your bottom line. From product specific target marketing to brand awareness, LCD digital advertising is the wave of the future.

Our flat panel display products include open frame LCD Modules, high bright displays, LCD displays for kiosk and POS applications as well as internet upgradable media players that allow remote updating for digital advertising.