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10-Inch LCD Advertising Screen

The DPL102M is a 10.2" LCD digital advertising display with an integrated point-of-purchase (POP) ad player and motion sensor. This monitor will display digital advertising videos with audio and JPEG image slideshows that are placed on an SD card.

The unit has an auto-start function that automatically begins playback when power is applied, loop and play that continues to play back as many files as you place on the SD card, two integrated speakers and an external power supply that is UL certified. Built for permanent and semi-permanent digital signage displays, this LCD monitor will fill the need for a cost effective yet trouble free digital ad poster.

VESA compliant for easy mounting on your POP display, covered SD card slot and minimal external controls means that your in-store display will be up and running with minimal need to manage the system.

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10" Digital Signage LCD Poster

Dimensions HxWxD: 16.25cm x 26.8cm x 2.6cm
Inputs: SD Card Media Player/ USB
Outputs: Speakers x2
Brightness: 250 NITS
Industry:: Point-of-Purchase LCD Advertising
Other: Unit plays (.avi) and JPEG Images 800x480 Resolution

LCD technology and storage devices have been adopted within a wide variety of applications such as desktop monitors, kiosks, point-of-purchase displays (POP displays), digital advertising, home security and home entertainment. Due to the creation of larger LCD display panels, small format LCD panels and lower cost of production, LCD display technology is rapidly being applied to the electronic sign and digital information display market. LCD monitors are the perfect solution for digital information display applications due to their high brightness, high contrast ratio as well as a greater lifetime than plasma displays.

Our flat panel display products include open frame lcd modules, high brightness displays, LCD displays for kiosk and POP applications.