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We are pleased that you have taken the time to consider us as a business partner. We are focused on worldwide distribution of LCD display technologies. Our products range from small format open framed LCD modules to metal housed touch screen LCD displays for the point-of-purchase (POP) advertising and machine tooling industry. If you are seeking an item not shown in our online catalog that relates to our business structure, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the numbers below. We are able to customize just about any product and any display.

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Tel:. USA (562) 366-4523
Fax: USA (562) 366-8428

We are committed to providing all customers with the highest quality support and information. We stand behind our products and believe in building strong relationships with our customers and representatives. If you need technical support, please contact your sales representative or email

Most of our products have a 1 year parts and labor warranty against manufacturer's defects. Our OEM high volume units have a 90 day standard warranty. Please ask your sales representative about the specific warranty on the products you are purchasing.

If you have any questions about payments, banking or any other accounting questions, please email
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Innovation of the LCD display has lead to a fast growing and easy to use technology. LCD displays and storage devices have been adopted within a wide variety of applications such as handheld mobile devices, kiosks, point of sale displays (POS), digital advertising, CCTV and home entertainment. Due to the creation of larger LCD display panels, small format LCD panels and lower cost of production, LCD display technology is rapidly being applied to the electronic sign and digital information display market.

Our flat panel display products include open frame lcd modules, high brightness displays, LCD displays for kiosks and POS applications as well as internet upgradable media players that allow remote updating for digital advertising.