Open Framed LCD Signage

Open framed LCD ad screens are designed for seamless integration into point-of-purchase (POP) displays. Mounting tabs located on the housing allow for easy installation into a newly designed in-store marketing displays.

When developing a new promotional retail campaign, open framed monitors are designed into the actual display so that only the active area of the LCD is shown to the public. The end user does not see the housing but only the video advertisement. This custom integration means that the end user is viewing the active digital content surrounded by marketing collateral and not focused on the hardware piece itself.

These open frame monitors are available with resistive and capacitive touchscreen, motion sensor, push button playback and more.

Open Framed LCD Signage

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Battery Powered In-Store LCD Ad Player

Battery Powered Open Frame 7" LCD Advertising Monitor-OEM. Designed for Custom Retail Video Displays.


Open Frame LCD AD Player - Visual Marketing Display

Open Frame OEM 7" LCD Advertising Monitor. Custom Retail Video Displays.


7Inch LCD AD Player with Push Button Activation. High Grade IPS Panel

Open Framed OEM 7" LCD Advertising Monitor - IPS Display. Custom Retail Video Displays.


10" Battery Powered LCD Ad Player

Open Framed OEM 10" LCD Advertising Monitor for Battery Powered In-Store Marketing. Custom Integration for Retail Displays.


Open Housed 13.3 Ad Player - POP Video Display

The DPL133OF is a 13.3-inch Open Framed Advertising Screen for Custom Integration into Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays.


15.6 Inch Digital Signage LCD Open Frame

The DPL156OF is a 15.6-inch LCD Advertising Flatscreen for Custom Integration into POP Displays.