Audio POP Demonstrator

Audio demonstration hardware for high quality headphones, soundbars and speaker docks.

Allows the end user to interact with the point-of-sale display of audio equipment such as soundbars, headphones and speaker docks. This product line includes the hardware and software for full integration into retail POP displays allowing user to select which products they want to compare.

Available in audio only, audio + LCD video screen (7inch-15inch), audio + touchscreen command center, audio + HDMI and audio + UHD-4K. 1-8 Channels with push button selectors. Product configuration and flowchart is customizable.

Audio POP Demonstrator

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Headphone Demonstration Display

DA7H4 is an All-in-One Headphone Demonstrator using 3.5mm Outputs with 7" IPS LCD Monitor for In-Store Advertising.


Headphone and Speaker Demonstration Display Hardware.

DA8H4 is a Simple but Powerful Audio Demonstrator for Headphones, Soundbars or Other Audio Devices at the Point-of-Sale.


10 inch LCD Headphone Demonstrator

DA101H4 is an Audio Demonstrator using up to QTY4 3.5mm with 10" LCD Ad Video Screen for In-Store Advertising. Open Framed Housing for P.O.P Display Integration.


LCD Video Player with Audio Headphone and Soundbar Demonstrator.

DA133H4 is a Complete Audio Demonstrator with 13.3" 1080P LCD Screen for In-Store Marketing of Headphones, Soundbars and Speaker Docks. Open Framed Housing for Display Integration.


DA156H4 is an Audio Demonstrator Using up to QTY4 3.5mm Jacks or Optional Optical Output with Integrated 15.6" LCD Screen for In-Store Advertising.


DA185H6 is an Audio Demonstrator using QTY6 3.5mm outputs with 18.5" LCD Screen for in-store advertising.


Demonstration Hardware for Soundbar, Headphone or Speaker In-Store Retail Displays

DA8H6 is a Powerful Audio Demonstrator for up to QTY(6) Headphones, Soundbars or Other Audio Devices at the Point-of-Sale.


DA8H8HDMI is a Robust and Powerful Soundbar Audio Demonstration Device for Soundbars, Headphones or Other Audio Devices at the Point-of-Sale. HDMI Output Turns any LCD Screen into an Interactive POP Display.


DA7TOF is a Touchscreen Audio Demonstrator using 3.5mm outputs with 7" IPS LCD Monitor for In-Store Advertising.