LCD AD Players

LCD Advertising Monitors for In-Store Retail Advertising and Point-of-Purchase (POP) Digital Marketing Displays.

Studies show that retail fixtures using dynamic video content on LCD advertising screens attract more customers to the point-of-purchase. Digital advertising players designed into LCD/LED screens enhance end users experience and drive sales.

Choose between shelf edge stand alone LCD monitors or open framed LCD screens for custom integration into newly designed POP displays.

Product categories include but are not limited to: Touchscreens, battery powered, motion sensor, push button, audio POP demonstrators and UHD-4K media players.

LCD AD Players

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Designer 7" AD Player with up to 4 Video Playback Buttons. Design your Faceplate and have a Custom LCD Advertising Display. Battery Powered or AC Power Available.


DS12HD1 is an 1080P advertising player. Extremely small footprint and HDMI output allows you to display marketing videos on any LCD display. High Definition!


Headphone Demonstration Display

DA7H4 is an All-in-One Headphone Demonstrator using 3.5mm Outputs with 7" IPS LCD Monitor for In-Store Advertising.


Battery Powered In-Store LCD Ad Player

Battery Powered Open Frame 7" LCD Advertising Monitor-OEM. Designed for Custom Retail Video Displays.


Digital 7-inch (800x480) LCD/ LED Point-of-Purchase Advertising Monitor with Integrated Motion Sensor and SD Card Media Player.


The DS12HD2 is a stand alone high definition advertising player (1080p) with an HDMI output. It allows content to play on any LCD Display.


Headphone and Speaker Demonstration Display Hardware.

DA8H4 is a Simple but Powerful Audio Demonstrator for Headphones, Soundbars or Other Audio Devices at the Point-of-Sale.


7" Battery Powered LCD with Motion Sensor.

7" Housed LCD AD Monitor. Motion Sensor Activated. Battery Powered. Fully Housed.


Open Framed LCD Ad Player - AC Power

Open Frame OEM 7" LCD Advertising Monitor. Custom Retail Video Displays.


Widescreen 10.1-inch LCD Digital Poster with Integrated Motion Sensor and LCD/ LED Ad Player.
Perfect for Permanent In-Store Point-of-Purchase Marketing. Updateable through USB.



Open Framed OEM 10" LCD Advertising Monitor for Battery Powered In-Store Marketing. Custom Integration for Retail Displays.


10 inch LCD Headphone Demonstrator

DA101H4 is an Audio Demonstrator using up to QTY4 3.5mm with 10" LCD Ad Video Screen for In-Store Advertising. Open Framed Housing for P.O.P Display Integration.